For Parents

A Successful Approach To Children’s

Guitar Lessons – A Classic Education

Even the youngest students are able to engage with music quickly and successfully in the Childbloom class. “I students to have a positive first connection with the guitar at the first lesson,” says Townson. “The students have so much joy when they can play something meaningful at their first lesson.” The skills that are taught are done so in a step-by-step manner. The Childbloom guitar students develop awesome skill as the age-appropriate music becomes more complex.

Solo/Ensemble Skills Right From The Start

Your child can become a well-rounded, literate, musician. The curriculum used in the Childbloom Program is comprised of music arranged in parts; the student not only learns solo playing skills, but ensemble skills as well. The small Childbloom class can accommodate the young child’s attention span and the adolescent’s expanding social horizon. Dr. Hal Grotevant, Psychologist of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, whose son and grandson were Childbloom students, described the Childbloom Program as “providing individual attention in a low-pressure environment.”

Parents Are Part Of The Process

In the Childbloom Guitar Program, parents are encouraged to attend the lesson with their children. “When parents are involved, the students learning process increases,”  says Townson, “The more a parent is engaged with the material their child is doing, the faster that child progresses even if the parents don’t play an instrument.  Parents make a difference.” Parents also receive the Childbloom Monthly Newsletter which provides local events, contests for the kids, and advice to deal with the challenges of practice, motivation and musical growth.

Voluntary Performances

The Childbloom Program will seek and encourage performances opportunities for the students. All Childbloom performances are voluntary. Teachers will never force a child to perform. An important element of the Childbloom philosophy is that force is an unnecessary ingredient for artistic endeavor. Child development research tells us that children learn well in the context of play and freedom. These observations constantly challenge the Childbloom instructor to communicate joy and fascination to the student and show that self-discipline arises more easily from freely chosen goals.

 A Guitar Teacher You Can Trust

Before certification and licensing, all Childbloom Instructors undergo a background check. This is not the case with most other private music teachers, including Suzuki trained teachers. Childbloom instructors are trained systematically and thoroughly. Through in-class experience, training in our unique and careful teaching materials, developmental profiles of our students, practice in group dynamics, and an activity repertoire, our instructors are uniquely prepared to meet your child’s needs. No other music program in the nation provides teacher training in child-development theory. This training helps the Instructor understand the capabilities of your child.

Knowledge Of The Hand

Each instructor is knowledgeable regarding the anatomy of the hand. This ensures each teacher will recognize a proper use of hand, and may prevent chronic problems associated with incorrect playing positions that guitarists often experience. And, wow! Will your child be able to play!

A High-Skilled Guitar Technique

Students are taught to use both left and right hands in playing. This maximizes the child’s skill development. Students are also taught to read music!

The Best Method Is Not The Most Expensive

The price of Childbloom instruction varies from place to place but is competitive with other music teachers in your area. When you enroll, you’ll receive the initial learning materials and be invited to join the online Childbloom Learning Club where your child can see and hear the music h/she will be learning. The Childbloom Club brings proper instruction into your home anytime!  We urge you to compare prices and service with anyone in your area. We think you’ll find that Childbloom provides the highest value and is best-suited to bring out the best in your child.